Today, i woke up 10.08am and i was a bit nervouse plus excited, because i was going to visit the company that am going to do my practicum. After 20m driving from my condo to the office i safely reached my intended destination. “Wow PJ is 1 hell crowded place, full of buildings and people”. Well a view phone calls i’ve managed to get inside the office, “” but come on, how can GB have a small board writen on the company name and even it’s almost crazy to have eye on it”” I wanted to tell my boss but the great talk we had i couldn’t remember it. Anyway when i get inside one of the staff put me on hold, “waiting Gopola Krishnan” if i’m not mistaking. after 30m GB came out and apologized us, he said to us “Am sorry for the hold. I’m having meeting you may came back after 15m”, cool me and my buddy we came out and try to look around. “wow it was wonderful, did you see that true fitnes place, it was so enormous and pretty plus so so sophisticated, once we saw inside we fall in love aaaayyy”, anyway conclusion the place was realy cool but expensive. ” my phone rang, woow GB called”. he said “Adam came back and see me in the office” i ran and i could even say am sorry to my toure guider, we got there and i went his office “wow GB you are not what i thought you were” he is just a simple person, honest and humble” i can say i’m very pleased meeting you GB”. he told me that he would give me -:

1. training of how to use jquery and so many other things.

2. A project with my competence and i will use my PHP skills.

3. He will put me under one of his best employee who has 10 years experience of programing languages and IT skills.

There were some other staff that he told me, like if i succesfuly develope a system and sold i would get a big portion of it. “great isn’t it.. hell yeah”.  anyway i’ve reached to my conclusion it was a great day for me and i am happy what i’ve done today… hehehe by by by jaaaaaw… see later..